When A CU Top Ten Sums Up A Season


With less than a week to go, voting is gathering pace here at CU Towers.  Emails are flying in thick and fast to podcasts@Celticunderground.net for the Celtic Underground Top Ten and also for the newly created, but long required Samaras Award.  Past articles have covered off what the Sammy award is all about and you all know what the Top Ten is about too (you’d be thick as mince if you couldn’t work it out) but as time passes and our blond hair is enhanced with wisps of grey what the CU Top Ten really does is provide a view into the soul of the club.


Although in the first few years voting was the prerogative of a select elite of CU contributors (we knew we knew best) it has recently been opened up to the masses.  Despite letting all and sundry vote the integrity of the outcome remains (some democrats may even argue it has improved) and we get an insight into what we the fans consider key attributes.  It also gives an insight into the dilemmas of picking ten good players in a really shit season!


A review of the CU archives is especially enlightening for the pish years: for example the Mowbray season!


Quite amazingly that Top Ten contains players here on loan, players you’d forgotten were here and two goal keepers.  The full list with links to our panelists reviews can be found here;

Number 1 – Keane

Number 2 – Boruc

Number 3 – N’Guemo

Number 4 – McGeady

Number 5 – Hinkel

Number 6 – Fortune

Number 7 – Thompson

Number 8 – McCourt

Number 9 – Zaluska

Number 10 – Samaras


If you want to vote this season you can podcasts@CelticUnderground.net and here’s a link to CelticFC.net with our squad details.

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