I had a great night out yesterday. Sitting in La Boca on Hope Street, I shared the restaurant with excited Real Madrid fans and enjoyed great food in great company with good friends, all having a wonderful time. The game played in the background as we chatted about the wonderful Celtic season just passed and rambled on about other Celtic events and life in general.


After the match the TV was turned over and we saw that something terrible was unfolding in London. Groups of mates in London, no doubt having the same fun and laughter we were enjoying were seeing their evening end very differently. At such times it can be hard not to think about the cruelty of the world. What darkness must lurk in the hearts of those who think their aims and goals can be advanced by the killing of innocents?


When I awoke this morning my first reaction was to see how many people, like many of us, out enjoying themselves on a Saturday night had been murdered. How heart breaking it is to see what harm can be done by just 3 people. At such times in can be difficult to focus on the fact that the world is full of good. Unfortunately good guys are just not as newsworthy however right there on my timeline, in the middle of the sad news, was a tweet that reminded me of the good in the hearts of many – our own @Leftybhoy (Mark Cameron) and friends setting off from Celtic Park on their trip to Malawi.


The volunteers will be spending 10 days providing practical support on the ground, through Celtic FC Foundation, to Mary’s Meals. The placements will involve the renovation / improvement of schools identified by Mary’s Meals and assistance with their feeding programme. Mary’s Meals provides life-changing meals to some of the world’s poorest children every school day.
Each volunteer has raised a minimum of £1,000 in sponsorship to support the development work the group will undertake in Blantyre and also the Foundation’s projects supporting vulnerable children and adults at home.
As we all know there are plenty of people doing good around the world, even on the darkest days, with some setting off from our own club to go around the world to help others.


Each person has his or her own My Donate Page, here’s a generic one;

and the YouTube Video is from a previous trip;