Tomorrow sees the Scottish Cup final kicking off at 5:30 PM. This changed kickoff time has proved controversial among supporters and even politicians at Holyrood. Whilst the argument that national BBC would be enabled to show the cup final UK wide by a changed kickoff was always a misnomer as the contract is not a national contract, the idea that Viaplay may wish their contract enhanced by being able to show at a different time to the English Cup final is probably where the drive to move the kickoff came from.

As a Glaswegian who is not overly inconvenienced I am ambivalent. I can see the issues for those supporters who are coming further afield and had already pre-booked travel and accommodation prior to the move to kickoff time. But as we can see from the decision to have the Champions League final on a Saturday evening, this slot is seen as a premium slot by TV companies. Where I see the largest hypocrisy and bandwagon jumping is among the politicians who have criticised the kickoff time, hypocrisy that was reinforced by the wailing and gnashing of teeth following the Celtic title party at the Merchant City Oblique Glasgow Cross.

When the kickoff was changed politicians in Hollywood were quick to criticise the SFA. One of the sticks with which they beat the SFA was the challenge of Inverness supporters getting back home from Glasgow by public transport – in short, they can’t take the train. How laughable that the politicians should criticise the football authorities for the inadequacies of the transport system in Scotland.

We have a publicly owned train system that cannot transport people from Glasgow (our biggest city in Scotland) to Inverness (our fastest growing city in Scotland) at 7:30pm on a Saturday. Maybe if we didn’t have single line tracks to the Highlands, we could get people there quicker and we could have more trains. Also, maybe if the road system didn’t revert back to the 1950s when you turn left at the roundabout at Perth, people journeying to Inverness by bus and car may be able to travel easier to and from Glasgow. The lack of trains, the lack of rail lines and the lack of roads is not the fault of the SFA.

Another issue prompting political comment was the party at Glasgow Cross. It has involved the cost of a big clear up by the city and I understand why local politicians will criticise in these tight financial times. However, to lump the blame on the club and say that the club should organise an alternative celebration defies belief.

The title celebration took place at Celtic Park immediately on the return to the ground after winning the title at Tyncastle. There was also a title celebration that very day at Celtic Park. But the biggest hypocrisy is the fact that Celtic for at least a decade have been requesting an area to have large scale, organised fan zones at Celtic Park and have been refused. On the couple of occasions that Celtic have been permitted fan zone authorization at George Square, it was a family event and passed off peacefully. Don’t criticise for not organising something you have repeatedly prevented!

The hypocrisy of many politicians is not unusual, but I really wish they would just leave football alone.