Celtic – no, Neil Lennon – along with his management group, have turned this team around. 

These men  have fire in their belly.  These men have desire to win.  These men have the hearts of warriors (in a jar, in the back of the cupboard, next to the cornflakes – Johan eats them for breakfast).

Their influence in the dressing room is clear for all to see.  Their fire and passion is running through this team like electricity.  

This is a different Celtic.  This is a Celtic filled to the brim with belief that they can and should beat anyone they face.

The second half is about to start.  I’m ready for a baptism, a rebaptism in the fire of Celtic.  Let blood be spilled and the thunder crash.  The gods of old look down upon us and smile.  This is our day.  Destiny is upon us.  We must re-claim our place in the pantheon of Celtic greats.

Our time is now.

Hail Hail.