Barca, we aint, but ask yourself where did they first see and obtain the basic philosophy of this short passing, tike taka, fast flowing football, that doubles the heart rate in three moves, and makes you actually sit back and watch ?  We always seem to have had an underlying bond with Barca over the years, even long before our beloved No.7 crossed the water to lift the big cup again on our behalf.

Maybe it’s the deep rooted sense on injustice as to our common background, or just that we have both a faith and a solid love of football inserted in our soul from birth.  And our excitement? We are beginning to see some shoots of recovery which must be in part given thanks to Hot Lips (AKA The Invisible Man’s) gracious move to Siberia.  Our next European Chapter begins and cannot end on Sunday. While many look only to dealing out a beating beyond beatings, or for some just a win will do, we should be more expansive like the football played last night.

A win would (as Harry pointed out lately) set two teams apart on the mountain of success, one going up slowly, the other descending with gathering pace. It would subside (a bit) the “aye but two games in hand” comments in the Comics.

Be Aware. There will be an “exclusive” on Sunday that a takeover it imminent by He Man at Castle Grayscull..

Be Aware. A referee (with whom the SFA saw fit not to award an Old Firm game in 11 years) is in charge.

Be Aware. There will be an “extra-ordinary set of circumstances” prevailing on Sunday surrounding decisions – this is not paranoia – this is big business. We will overcome.

But, away from the Dark Side, having had a first hand look at Lennoxtown our future is definitely bright, but more of a Gold. The up and coming Aidens might take a few more years, but they are definitely there.  If we can also continue to buy players like Izzy, obtain a quality season from them, then sell on for the £6M I am being quoted, our £9M deficit wont be around long.

We should also consider as well as Messrs PL & JR’s large banker style bonus’ (even more similar with abject failure behind us), there have been substantial compensation packages dealt out, and together with no Europe, I am sure the additional Old Firm Cup Replay £1M will be greeted by open arms.  With our own full remit now complete for our European friends, I am quietly confident of a more objective run in – decision wise overall. Big Brother just isn’t watching, he is not a happy bunny, (as viewed by the original Maestro’s own eyes – Mr Platini himself at the old firm game last year).

Mr Peat, (with his presence duly noted in his pride of place in the Directors Box at Ibrox) is now firmly in our sites. His own arrogance will be his undoing in how he conducts his business. Small measure of the man? (and again this could be a statement not a question). For someone so “passionate “ about football, wilfully gaining profit from sinking a football club does not add up. 

We should also be glad of the almost certain additional advice and coaching given to our favourite Beatle in how he conducts himself, and now find myself listening closely to what he has to say football wise, (and I mean in every sense wise).

My old man (76) knew the great JS well, and he says it almost as if the great man has been coaching him himself.

With the team now showing we can deliver, crank up the Gas to 240 this Sunday, be humble in wining, and smile – Seville might not be our only bedtime story for the grandkids.