If we look at the game itself, it has the potential to be difficult.  Stuart McCall will have his team up for the game without a doubt, and with players such as John Sutton and Jamie Murphy they will create chances.  I’m sure McCall would also love to win the Scottish Cup for his old friend ‘The Gaffer’.


As for the team to play on the Final, I would stick mostly to the team that started on Sunday, with Commons in for Forrest.  If it was up to me I would play Stokes alongside Hooper, but if rumours are to be believed it will be Samaras once again up front with Hooper.

In his speech after the game, Neil talked of this season being only the beginning, and ending the season with the Scottish Cup would be a huge step in the right direction.  Whilst it may not lead to the glory that followed the 3-2 Cup win over Dunfermline in 1965, it would show that the Lennon Revolution is gathering pace.


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