Motherwell/Stuart McCall

Motherwell have never shown themselves to be enamoured with Celtic as far as I can remember. Older supporters will also concur with this position. However, thanks to Stuart McCall’s insidious management of his team against ourselves and against Rangers, Motherwell have shown themselves up to be the Govan team’s lackeys. The standard of the fir park pitch has been its usual disgraceful standard this season but well and truly took the biscuit for our last game there. This, coupled with ferocious tackling that went unpunished systematically in this game, was in startling contrast to the vastly improved pitch and end of season attitude exhibited by the Motherwell team that appeared for Rangers’ last visit there. Motherwell has epitomised the phoney nature of opposition in the SPL this season and should hang their head in shame for their ritual capitulations against Rangers this season. Lets also not forget the gall of Motherwell to ask for 25,000 tickets for the Scottish cup final after they brought only 200 supporters to Parkhead for the final game of the season! Again, boycott could be the answer here.

George Peat

Mr Peat has displayed a belligerence and anti-Celtic agenda of breath-taking proportions this season. Notwithstanding his sheer incompetence in administration in general, e.g. death of Airdrie, lack of sponsorship for Scottish cup, standard of the Scottish national team,  his ill-concealed bias against Celtic has been consistent and ill-befitting a person in this sort of position. His stroppy declarations against ‘tiresome Celtic’ and their protests coupled with cowardly, duplicitous speeches ‘in support’ of Neil Lennon after the parcel bombs that were sent left Celtic supporters in no doubt that Peat would never defend or protect our club’s’ interests. No word yet of when Peat formally retires but his legacy should be remembered in the same vein as Jim Farry’s – sickening, biased and incompetent.

Hearts/Jim Jeffries

The ‘cousins of William’ tried their best to supersede the rancid bigotry of their Govan brothers in recent weeks. Anyone who as at Tynecastle last week will inform how this stadium has displayed some of the most sickening, nasty levels of anti-Irish, anti-Catholic prejudice from their stands to such a level that a visit to Ibrox is like a visit to a Scouts meet. This, coupled with Jim Jeffries’ not-so-amazing lack of condemnation of the Hearts supporter who attacked Neil Lennon (astonishingly he managed to criticise the ref and linesman from that game to a greater level than the scumbag who attacked our manager!) has shown us that Hearts’ level of bigotry is now at a point where any Celtic fan visiting this cess-pit should be warned not to travel for their own safety and sanity.

Dundee United/Peter Houston/Steven Thompson

For the last couple of seasons, the one club who could appreciate the level of ‘honest mistakes’ Rangers benefit from would have been Dundee United. However, the leadership of this club have been an absolute disgrace with their strange, astonishing level of criticism of Celtic – even when they have lost out to Rangers!!! Peter Houston managed to criticise Celtic when Dundee United lost 4-0 to Rangers and had three men sent off while Steven Thompson attacked Celtic quite openly that they were to blame for the ‘referees strike’. The leadership’s’ position in this club has been inconsistent and strange to say the least and it would be fair to say that Dundee United have went down in most Celtic supporters’ opinion.

The SNP/Alex Salmond/Kenny MacAskill

The SNP took over as the Scottish Government four years ago and, under their term in office, have allowed bigotry and sectarianism to run wild. No attempts have been made to deal with bigotry by the SNP and the height of their involvement was a media-friendly summit that was big on publicity and short on substance and measures. We are still awaiting the SNP ‘master-plan’ to deal with bigotry and, in the meantime, we have had the justice minister Kenny MacAskill commend the marvellous atmosphere of the league cup final – a league cup final littered with numerous renditions of ‘no pope of Rome’, the ‘famine song’, and the ‘billy boys’. The SNP need to up their game significantly over the coming period to avoid any ‘absent landlord’ comparisons with their previous term in office.

The Scottish Media

I am finished with the Scottish media in this country and I know for a fact that many Celtic fans share this position. Newspaper circulation is down with greater involvement, readership and discussion now being generated by supporters’ websites such as this one and CQN. Indeed, one could argue that if it was not for the involvement this season of the ‘new media’ and individuals such as a Paul Brennan and Phil MacGiollabhain then the status quo would be even more entrenched than it was. Next on the list should be stopping Celtic fans participating in these wretched, stupefying phone ins led by shock jocks like Traynor and Keevins. The abdication of the media of any sort of social responsibility has been a key factor in the poisoning of Scottish football (and consequently society) and Celtic fans need to realise that participating with the media – particularly the phone-ins – will not improve things one iota.

I will not forget the lack of support and the insidious claims against our club from all quarters and we should never forget that Rangers received A LOT of assistance this season from different quarters. Even clubs who have been on the receiving end of honest mistakes have turned their back on the bigger picture and taken the cheap option of pot-shots against the ‘whinging Tims’. Never in my years of supporting Celtic have I had to defend my club against cheap, false and nasty allegations. I’m sick and tired of Scottish football and society missing the picture and I am sure that you, like me, will never let any other club, organisation or individual allow any agenda to be set against Celtic ever again. This piece is not blindly promoting vengeance, it is announcing to the sycophants and hypocrites of Scottish football and society that Celtic – fans, players, management – will not be sitting at the back of the bus and we are not going away.