Surely this is different, this was in Edinburgh, the nation’s capital, where sectarian and anti Irish racist problems do not exist. Well, unless of course you have been to tynecastle or know from history that Edinburgh was the seat of some of the worst anti Irish racism in the not too distant past.


So will the phone in hosts, the newspaper editors and the opinion writers finally grasp the nettle and take a stand against this. Surely they have to take the lead, get behind Neil Lennon and use him to champion the cause. This is of course not about Neil, but he could become the catalyst, if only there are enough people out there who will genuinely seek a change. So let them all, like the Celtic support, stand firmly behind Neil, and challenge the caustic cancer that sits very firmly within Scottish society. Let Neil become to Irish Racism, what Rosa Parks was to coloured racism, and let’s see if Scotland can lift itself out of this downward spiral of sectarianism and hate.

I for one won’t be holding my breath.

Oh and there was a football match played last night, Celtic won three nil playing as well as they have at tynecastle in a long time. They came out fighting and brimming with confidence and strength, everyone was up for it, it was fantastic. My enjoyment was only briefly spoiled by dwelling on the fact that it came almost exactly a week too late.

Keep the faith!

Hail Hail