Actually, my idea of a bigot is someone who gets drunk and walks around an Ayrshire high street singing the sash in the wee small hours, but then wasn’t he was a pal of yours as well a few years back ? Integrity, was that what you said ? Or your other erstwhile colleague who roused his congregation with a chorus of ‘Simply the Best’ whilst trying to allure a young, vulnerable female into his night chamber. Not a lot of integrity there, Stuart.


Best of luck with the strike and I fervently hope it goes ahead. If the SFA have any resolve they will fly in referees from England or Scandinavia (I would have suggested Ireland but there is a manager around these parts who cannot abide the surname Murphy, so it’s best not to risk upsetting him with another Irish sounding name). After all these referees may actually know a bit more about the laws of the game given the fact that Scottish refs know so little, according to the weekend press. With a bit of luck your lot won’t be missed and the beauty of it all is that those referees who come in will be seen as being totally impartial. Some of us have been calling for foreign refs for years so thanks a million !

So there you go, you’ve thrown a few bricks in your glass house this weekend and you’ve broken a few windows and spat your dummy out of the pram. As for integrity, if you had one shred of decency you would be publicly campaigning for the resignations of both MacDonald and Dallas to help clean up this sordid mess that you and your kind have helped create because whilst those two imposters remain in post referees cannot and must not be able to portray themselves as victims.

Yours in sport,