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As already stated we have had to change the feed and it can now be found here . If you subscribe via itunes you should now subscribe via this link. Itunes reviews have shot through the roof over the past fortnight with literally 2 or 3 of you taking the time to comment on the podcast. Which is very good of you and we’re very grateful. How many weeks in a row is that we’ve got one of these out? This is almost as frequent as when we used to do the Rumour Mill on Etims. Difference is we need to stay pretty sober when putting this together. Back in the days of the weekly rumour mill we were pished as a fart every Thursday night. Great days. Whatever happened to the weekly rumour mill anyway? We used to love reading it. And we wrote it.

To get in touch with us regarding any comments, suggestions,criticisms or wildly inaccurate rumours you’d like to see addressed on the next podcast, or if you’d like to contribute with an mp3 you can email This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it , or leave your comments below.