This week we take a look at old Celtic players who are relaxing away from the rigours of professional football. I’m unsure of some of the content in the photos so any help would be appreciated.

Picture 1 – This one shows a young John Hughes pouring a pint of Younger’s Tartan Special for his adoring public. I know that big Yogi had ‘Yogi’s bar’ somewhere in the City so can anyone confirm where it was ? The big man is still pulling pints in McConnell’s boozer in Hope Street to the best of my knowledge and I can confirm that his technique has improved because check the head on that pint he’s pouring ! It’s like a milk shake !

Look also at the worn faces of the punters at the bar. I’ll bet they could tell a few stories.

Picture 2 – This looks like a recording for a record perhaps, by members of the Celtic and Rangers teams in the mid 1960’s (before my time I hasten to add). The two guys in the white shirts could be Larry Marshall and Walter Carr and again I would be happy for someone to confirm this.

As regards for the players they are :

Back row : ??? – John Fallon – Ronnie McKinnon – Tommy Gemmell – ???

Front row : ??? – Jim Forrest – Charlie Gallagher – ??? – Bobby Murdoch – Bobby Shearer.

Can anyone fill in the blanks which appear to be Rangers players and can anyone state what they are all doing in the picture ?

Picture 3 – This appears to be a player of the month award to Shuggie Edvaldsson by MacKinlays whiskey. Billy McNeill looks on apprehensively at the prospect of the big man ‘tanning’ the entire contents before the next game. I wonder if the big man ever dabbled with a wee ‘swally’ before Old Firm games because on many occasions the Shuggie Bhoy fairly ploughed through a few Huns on the park, (as Not The View once described) like an Icelandic battleship during the Cod war.

I can’t quite make out what’s on the cheque he’s receiving but if memory serves me this money was donated to charity.

Picture 4 – This curious image shows a young Charlie Nicholas in his peak in a kitchen with a very low ceiling, with a pot boiling. Goodness knows what he’s up to but he has his jumper tucked in his trousers in the dodgy fashion, very trendy in the early 1980’s.

thumb?charliecooksCharlie will feature in a forthcoming Bhoy in the picture in his own right, and if you’re reading this Charlie son, you’d better run for cover because I have 25 years of bile boiling up inside me and I am ready to let rip shortly. I’ve kept my powder dry and to coin the Glasgow parlance I will give you ‘laldy’ in due course.

Picture 5 shows Jimmy Quinn and George Connelly in holiday attire. George, God love him, has his socks on under his sandals in a total fashion faux pas. A Fifer abroad right enough. Perhaps it’s best if I quote the back of the pic:

‘’Hamilton, Bermuda. Bermuda is well known for record breaking deep sea fishing, but these two members of Glasgow Celtic settled for handlines at their hotel’s waterfront on Hamilton Harbour in this sunny resort colony. Jimmy Quinn left and George Connelly caught one fish between them with their bread bated hooks. The Scottish first division team was in Bermuda for two weekend matches against local clubs.’’

thumb?fishingSadly, Jimmy Quinn died a couple of years back. Rest in peace Jimmy.

Picture 6 – Jim Brogan is seen presumably in his car showroom premises. Is there anyone out there who can say where this was? Going by the registration of the car (is it a Rover?) it would appear to be around 1969. One wonders if Jim was more Del Bhoy Trotter than Arnold Clark. Apparently Jim has had health problems recently and if this is the case every Celtic supporter will wish him well in his recovery.

The last one goes back to Yogi Bear himself with Mrs Yogi and the cubs. Now this would have been taken around 1970 because Mrs Yogi has the beehive haircut which was very fashionable at the time and which my Mother also had. This style involved blending a hair extension with your own hair and I can fondly recall running around the living room with this hair piece kidding on I was Chingachgook from the Last of the Mohicans, having just scalped someone in the process, much to the annoyance of my Mater.

As previously stated any help with the queries in the photos would be appreciated. Hopefully some of you old Bhoys out there will be of assistance.