Celtic Underground – Fabulous Five? Individual Sensations!

Fabulous Five? Individual Sensations!
Fabulous Five? Individual Sensations!

This week Harry is joined by our South american correspondent Mark Cooper to discuss the marvellous events at Celtic Park, when a fantastic atmosphere urged on a wonderful game that delivered 7 goals – Five for Celtic.

Mark and Harry review the goals, the team and the performances and come to the conclusion that Celtic will go through. At the end of the podcast they briefly review Scottish football media people asking diddy questions and Mark predicts a 5-0 v St Johnstone. It’s all very pleasant…oh and is it Sin -Clair or Sinclur?


PS Harry has a wee sweary word in when discussing the diddy question and this weeks new music comes from Jargo

Photograph The Feeling

At Night When The Wind Calms Down


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