Planned Parking Restrictions

Planned Parking Restrictions

Regular readers of this site will be aware of the impending parking restrictions around Celtic Park. As outlined in our follow up article the ignorance of some people in parking over driveways or making streets impassable for emergency vehicles makes the move towards some form or match day restrictions understandable however the proposed changes seem to have been done without review of the impact to trade of a major employer and £90million turnover business which adds considerable additional value to the Glasgow Community and City coffers.


Celtic have been informed that a consultation process will take place to engage with supporters, yet to date they have not been notified of the details. The current campaign ends in two months and the new restrictions are due to commence at the start of next season. Many football fans have reduced engagement during the close season so how wide and engaging are the council looking for this engagement process to be?


The council have stated that they wish to take cars off the road and move these people onto public transport. For me the key considerations for this are therefore;


  • If the Council had concerns about stadium parking (which has not changed significantly in the past 5 years since the new housing) why was additional parking provision not incorporated into the Dalmarnock overhaul?


  • If parking provision is an issue, why have they prevented match-day use of the Commonwealth games bus park?


  • If GCC are seeking to transfer car users to public transport, do they know Celtic match-day car user numbers?


  • What is current hourly public transport capacity to and from Celtic Park?


  • What is maximum public transport capacity in the hour prior and hour post game to and from Celtic Park?


  • What is the passenger capacity of each of Dalmarnock, Belgrove and Bridgeton Stations? (I know Dalmarnock is 1,600 per hour – 800 per platform)


  • What analysis has been made of the road junction at Dalmarnock Station to cope with additional people?


  • Will any parking restrictions only be put in place AFTER improvements in public transport provisions?


  • As the biggest provider of one of Glasgow’s largest industries what financial analysis has been done on the impact of changes to parking provision?


  • What impact is forecast on areas outwith the 1 mile radius?


  • What impact will dispersal of traffic make on policing capabilities in the immediate environment of Celtic Park?


It seems to be that this is a strategy generated with the best intentions for the local residents without consideration of the wider impact on all. The consultation process hasn’t kicked off yet and there is no impending process. John Paul Taylor has requested that anyone with an interest email him with their travel to and from experiences. PLEASE instead of doing the usual Scottish thing of whinging but doing bugger all, email John Paul Taylor


Since they appear to want to hide their consultation process, please also email Glasgow City Council and make sure your opinion (for or against the proposal) is heard;


F.A.O. Jamie Rodden – Group Manager


If you don’t email and this goes ahead, you can’t subsequently complain that there was a consultation process where you weren’t consulted.