Fergus McCann

This week the podcast was put together on the anniversary of Fergus McCann saving Celtic. Celtic fans can rightly be proud of that period when the club was in difficulty. A board built around family history and hereditary rights rather than business acumen had been caught out by the arrival of brash big spenders at Ibrox. This compounded with the need for massive infrastructure spend on the stadium had Celtic on its knees. But when Celtic were in trouble the fans didn’t wait around for a white knight. They rallied around and created a solution.

Celts for Change galvanised the support behind a common cause and when the moment came the likes of Brian Dempsey, John Keane and Fergus McCann stepped forward, prevented the ignominy of administration and paid the bills. From there Fergus oversaw the building of a new stadium, the stopping of the 10 and a fan investment programme which now sees 28,000 of us owning a bit of our club.

Fergus also re-established the clubs heritable foundations. He created the Celtic Charity which has now become the Celtic FC Foundation and we have Magan Fallan providing an overview of her role and an insight into how the Foundation changes lives.

So a wiki tale and Megan Fallan.