Here is a list of some of those organisations and indivduals who have either been threatened or have been advised by police about possible threats in the past few weeks:

Stewart Regan – Chief Executive Scottish FA

Alex Thomson – Chief News Reporter, Channel 4 News

Eric Drysdale – Director , Raith Rovers Football Club and member of Scottish FA Independent Panel

Gary Allan – Queens Counsel and member of Scottish FA Independent Panel

Alistair Murning – Former writer, football commentator and member of Scottish FA independent Panel

Bill Miller – Miller Industries Inc

Craig Whyte – Majority shareholder, Rangers Football Club PLC (in administration) 

Stephen Thompson – Director of Dundee United Football Club and Scottish Premier League Board member 

The Scottish Football Association

The Scottish Premier League

Raith Rovers Football Club

Dundee United Football Club

There are probably others not listed and given the way things are going there may be more who will be seeking and receiving police advice as to how to deal with such threats.

So it is only right to ask the question as to why the Scottish football authorities and politicians continue to promote the line that the survival of Rangers is vital. Vital for what? And who?

Even the fund set up to financially aid the club has the ‘fighting’ reference in its name. Sandy Jardine, one of the trustees of the fund, recently publicly threatened other Scottish football clubs. And we all know what happened when a rehearsed premeditated statement from Ally McCoist demanding to know ‘who are these people?’ was put into the public domain.

The fact is that we keep hearing anout this supposedly wonderful 140 years of history but in the 80 plus days since they went into administration the DNA of their modus operandi during much of those 140 years has come through loud and clear.

Is this really what the establishment in Scotland wants to save and assist?