It is easy to say cast out the manager, we’ve just cast out the past couple of managers, the first one because the quality of the product was poor although I’m sure we would be happy just to get a sniff of Champions League at the moment, the next one because he was completely hapless and in truth the product was awful. Take three and the product is awful but even worse than that, there is absolutely no heart on the field. We are now expecting the likes of young James Forrest to pull us out every week, that’s too much pressure for the young man.


We have to look back to the start of this season to see exactly where OUR Celtic is heading and to decide if we are going to change it. We were in need of the three or four class additions and these did not happen, we procrastinated over several goalkeepers and then had to run back to pick up a second-rate loan. We bought a decent looking prospect from Belgium who cannot command a decent run in an ordinary team. At 5 minutes to midnight on the transfer deadline day we loaned another 30-year old prospect from Kiev who is also unable to hold down a starting position and a player, I hope I am proved wrong here, in Mo Bangura, who looks like a fish out of water in the heady reaches of the SPL.

We find ourselves in this position year after year to the point where as I posted in my last rant, the stands are starting to look more green each week as fans start to vote with their feet and wallets. We all long for the days like the 6-2 game against Rangers, the great European nights during that era but more than anything, we want to see a team on the park that is organised and able to compete on a consistent basis. This particular unit look more like that which we watched during the grotesque Lou Macari experiment just before Fergus turned things around.

That leads me to the next front, whether there is another Fergus type character around or not, this current group of board members have now presided over some of the poorest Celtic teams and management structures in the past 30 years. They are accountable to no-one, they refuse to answer questions at AGM’s and they remunerate themselves to an outrageous degree. They mock Rangers and try to kid on that we are somehow better than them, do you feel like this on a Monday morning at work? It’s high time to forget about Rangers and get our own house in order.  I admit to being to far away to be able to change it but just looking at some of the excellent suggestions coming from some of our fellow fans online, we should not just accept this continuing decline of our club. There are several very good ideas, in particular the idea of paying 10 pounds per month into a supporters/owners fund, I do that at present for the dreadful service (both product and customer) on Celtic TV and would be prepared to continue that and possibly pay more if required, it shows that there are many good ideas about out there. And finally, we do not need our manager to be either Irish, Catholic or ex-Celt or a combination of these, just someone who understands tactics, organisation and has an eye for a player but in my opinion is across player development at all levels. This is not meant to offend as I am of Irish descent and Catholic myself, I just want to see the old excitement of being a Celtic fan restored to OUR Celtic.