In the second half we upped the pace and tempo.  If only Scott Brown could pick a pass as easily as he can pick a fight we really motor in midfield.  Juarez seemed to move to a more central position and his enthusiasm and influence increased as the game went on.  For me however, one man stood out as being involved in everything we did.  Not everything came off, but he kept trying and kept creating.  With 10 mins to go I sent a text to Eddie and Neil McCallum stating that there was only one player for MOTM – Samaras.  At full time this was confirmed.   At full time some booed.

As I state above, we all have our favourites and we all have our whipping bhoys, but the boo boys must have been at a different game to me.  Moreover, to boo a hoop who tries his best at the first home game of the season…!

The club is better off without “supporters” like that.