25. Housey (Last year’s place: 17) – Over and Over

Over and Over has had an erratic year with live shows few and far between but he has been a regular presence on twitter and has provided more than the odd nugget of information for the Celtic nation online. Housey is still the only person online producing semi regular video content for Celtic fans, although the Tokyo CSC may give him a run for his money next year, and as such he is blazing a trail which others will eventually follow. Independently created video content is the next step for the online Celtic. Housey was there first and that’s why he’s part of this list.

24. Jeanette Findlay (NE) – Celtic Trust

It’s been a good year for the Celtic Trust. Over the past twelve months they appear to have developed a better understanding of the potential of the internet and this was shown by their excellent use of twitter during the AGM and again during the first Q&A with Lawwell and Lennon. Add in their embryonic blog and they are ensuring Celtic fans are aware of them throughout the year and not just in the weeks prior to the AGM. It will be interesting to see how big a role the internet plays in their attempts to develop a “Celtic fan Confederation” over the coming year.

23. Joe O’Rourke (NE) – Celtic Supporters Association

I’d wager that twelve months ago few online Celtic fans could have told you the name of the Secretary of the CSC but through effective use of Newsnow Joe has done much to raise his profile and that of his organisation. In a season of honest mistakes there was a real need for someone to take a lead on the issue and Joe’s threat of an away game boycott caught the imagination. It will be interesting to see if there is an appetite among internet users for his suggested online CSCs given the limited success of the Global Hoops website from a few years ago. Regardless of these future projects there’s no denying that, like the Trust, the CSA have made good use of the internet this year.

22. Che Timvara (NE) – Monthehoops

Che is a name who was on the fringes of making the list last year. His work for Etims was, while a little long, certainly very readable. However, the reason for him making the list this year is simple – he is the only individual, that we are aware of, who was paid to produce content for a Celtic fansite in the past twelve months. I’d have to admit that I was surprised to see Che’s work turn up on MTH rather than, say, Etims or Randalstown or even the now defunct KTF. I couldn’t quite follow why he would opt to write for a, and let’s be honest here, second string fansite. However, once his articles stopped it was revealed that he had been receiving a payment for his contributions to the forum. Is this the future? Star contributors being poached to take part in forums? Incredible stuff. Where will he turn up next and how much of signing on fee will he require?

21. Ryan Fraser (NE) – Facebook

With 4229 friends this bloke is probably the most popular Celtic fan online. Facebook is fast becoming the world’s most popular website and is inhabited by Celtic fans that would otherwise go nowhere near a Celtic site. Therefore owning the most popular “Glasgow Celtic” page on Facebook gives you a definite degree of influence. One single post regarding the bhoys appears throughout the social media site. How many of those “friends” actually click through is another matter.

20. Talman (19) – TAL

The rise of the Green Brigade, the match against Hamburg, the friendly with St Pauli and the re-emergence of the TAL forum – Talman’s influence has been felt in a number of areas over the past year. However, it was the shift into digital production of the TAL fanzine which really caught the eye this season. The two PDF editions which were published online were received extremely positively by the online Celtic community and future editions are eagerly awaited. The mix of football, politics and music may not have been to everyone’s tastes but it was a welcome throwback to an earlier era of fanzine. With the Ipad catching the imagination could this be the future of the online fanzine?

19. Phil MacGiollabhain (NE) – Celticminded and http://www.philmacgiollabhain.com/

As more and more of us disengage from the old media it can be easy to forget the power of the printed word. While the financial carnage down Ibrox way was well known online it was nonetheless staggering to see a national newspaper run with the story. Phil used a combination of internet and real life sources to piece together the HMRC story and then convinced the NOTW to do what no other paper was willing to do – tell it like it is. Sure there is a case for saying that the NOTW is not the vehicle that should be used but there is no denying the impact this story had as Phil ensured to jumped from online to real life.

18. Voice of Gaudd (16) – Etims

Regular readers of the Influential list will know that Gaudd is a perennial favourite of ours. As he has moved from middle age to official grumpy old man status so his style has changed from a slightly cynical “hey nonny nonny” to a much bleaker “black, black, all is black.” And given the season we’ve just endured Gaudd was in his element. He directed his venom at the board, the players, the board, the media, the board, the manager and the board. Despite his tendency to see the glass no so much as half empty but more filled with poison his opinions were always well presented and often quoted across the Celtic internet. He really needs to get more vitamin D right enough.

17. Naka25 (NE) – Teh Huddleboard

Every year there is one forum member who seems to sum up what huddleboard is all about. This year Naka25 was without doubt that member. And it’s as the Gok Wan of the huddleboard that he really made his mark. This is the man the huddleboard turn to for fashion advice. Assuming of course the huddleboard wants to look like a massive queerhawk. He wears Ugg boots and doesn’t care who knows it. In a sea of mentalness Naka25 stands head and shoulders above the rest. Although given the fact that he is currently cutting about in a Mexican wrestling mask his true identity must remain a mystery.

16. Bawman (NE) – KDS

Having always been a poster who had something interesting to say the recent changes in the coaching set up have made Bawman’s posts essential reading. Regulars on KDS have been scouring his posts for clues as to who will be coming and who will be going at Lennoxtown. Why? Well let’s just say that, despite his freakishly small head, he’s a guy who knows a guy. And those types of guys are always worth paying attention to.

15. Anon (NE) – Celtic Twitter

Someone somewhere deep within Celtic Park has to be asking themselves why they don’t have ownership of the Celtic Twitter account. How hard is it someone involved in the media team to stake a claim to the Celtic name each time a new social media site pops up? Anyway the Celtic twitter feed has over 8000 followers and with it’s lightening fast links to the latest tic news is fast becoming a must read. Given the traffic that one retweet on this feed can generate its influence cannot be understated.

14. Admin (NE) – Green Brigade

Two nameless individuals in a row? Shocking isn’t it? Although in the case of the Green Brigade the guys involved have recently emerged from the shadows and started to move into the sun. It’s not enough that they have inspired the naming of a terrific Mogwai track but they now have control over a section of the ground. If that’s not being influential we don’t know what is. It really is incredible how far the GB have come that they are now working with Celtic to create a singing section in block 111. It will be fascinating to watch how this relationship develops over the coming season.

13. Hector Bandido (12) – Etims

With newsnow blocking the use of the word “tim” (which is probably why you won’t find this article quoted there) it’s been a tough year for Etims. Until recently none of their content was making it to the must read news aggregator. Fortunately this appears to have been resolved but it remains to be seen if this period of being out of the limelight has a long term impact upon what was once the number one Celtic site online. Hector has recently brought the weekly rumour mill back in the form of the amusing “Friday Supplement” and this has been warmly received by the online Celtic community. We can only hope that this will be maintained throughout the season. If so Hector will continue to be widely read. He remains the man who has made Etims what it is today.

12. Fitzpas (2) – KDS

Just when he thought he was out they pull him back in. Fitzpas handed over the keys to the kingdom this season and his ranking reflects his decision to step back for good out of the limelight. However, his influence can still be felt across a variety of sites. He may be out but he’s deserves a place for his work over the past year on sites such as the Celtic Wiki, Celtic Graves and of course KDS.

11. Brendan Sweeney (NE)  – Junglebhoys and Celtic Graves Society

The quiet man of the Celtic community. Never one to push himself to the front nevertheless Brendan Sweeney has found himself at the heart of a number of initiatives which have impacted positively upon Celtic. From his high profile role as part of Celtic for Change through to his work with the Junglebhoys and right up to the present day as part of the Celtic Graves Society Brendan has constantly worked on projects which make you proud to be a Celtic fan. It is reassuring to know that Brendan is one of a small group of website admins (which bizarrely still includes the admin of the long defunct KTF website) who meet regularly with Peter Lawwell to discuss the feelings of the Celtic support.

10. Chuck (NE) – Teh Huddleboard and Belfast Celtic

Despite him enjoying more birthdays than the queen the specky moderator of the huddleboard makes our top ten for the first time. Anyone moderating the huddleboard deserves praise but Chuck has combined this role with his work for the Belfast Celtic Society. He has helped bring the story of Belfast Celtic to a new audience. Regular posts on the huddleboard about Society events allied with his willingness to work with the Celtic Graves Society show that underneath that specky exterior there may actually be a decent guy trying to get out.

9. Cartuja (9) – KDS and The Kano Foundation

If, following yet another embarrassing incident down Ibrox way, you receive a very funny image by email it’s probably been created by Cartuja. His ability with photoshop is legendary across the forums but it is the degree of humour he brings to his work which has previously marked him out. Anyone who creates as many memes as Cartuja does must be placed on a list such as this. And like many on this list he is involved in more than one website – in the coming year it will be interesting to follow his work with the Kano foundation.

8. Mince (4) – Celticminded

It hasn’t been a great year for Celticminded. A call for renewal of subscriptions saw some opt to vote with their feet and go elsewhere. The decision to stay behind the pay wall has led to the site rarely being mentioned on the other forums. For a forum to survive and flourish it needs new blood and as the membership of Celticminded reduces so to does the need to be part of it. Inevitably this lead to a reduction in influence. It is extremely rare these days to read a rumour or see a piece of photoshop on either KDS or the Huddleboard which started life on Celticminded. The New York Times took down their pay wall when their columnists complained that nobody was reading what they had to say and therefore their influence was waning. The same thing is sadly happening to Celticminded – it is in danger of becoming irrelevant.

7. Christy Ring (8) – Lostbhoys

What a year it’s been for the Lostbhoys. After only twelve months they seem to be everywhere and in every format imaginable – audio, video, print and they even have their own range of t-shirts. The podcast has been an outstanding success with a stellar line up of guests from Frank McAvennie to George Connelly but it’s the interaction between the regular crew that makes it essential listening. Chris, Jamie, Eddie and Gerry have carved out a niche for themselves that has let to them being feted as genuine Celtic Internet celebrities. Perhaps their finest moment came with the exposure they provided Paul Lennon and the Good Child Foundation – exposure that ultimately led to the club taking Paul and the kids on as one of their nominated charities for 2010-2011. That’s influential.

6. Auldbhoy (NE)  – The Celtic Wiki

Over the past year the value of the Celtic Wiki has become apparent and the glue that holds it together is the man known as Auldbhoy. Despite it being a tough year for Auldbhoy he has overseen the exponential growth of the wiki to the extent that it is now recognised as one of the finest fan wikis anywhere online. Indeed the regular awards it receives from sources such as Wetpaint and acknowledgements in books by noted authors such as Douglas Beattie will testify to its quality. This site, perhaps more than any other, is a perfect example of the “by the fans for the fans” ethos that permeates the online Celtic community.

5. Paul67 (3) – CQN

As we write Paul67 is in the midst of another server change and we eagerly await the birth of the new look CQN. Paul continues to be seen by the press as the acceptable face of online Celtic fansites and is often to be found on the BBC voicing the feelings of the ordinary supporter. However, it’s been a slightly disappointing transfer window for CQN with Paul appearing to be somewhat out of the loop compared to previous seasons. It was interesting to note that, while Celticminded and KDS were both given 4 tickets of the Emirates Cup to give away to readers, CQN only had 2 to give away. Is it the case that CQN has fallen out of favour with the powers that be? Time will tell. Regardless of this CQN continues to a must read with excellent posters and it remains one of the top five Celtic fan sites out there.

4. Joe McHugh (NE) – VideoCelts

The bhoy from nowhere. Usually websites take a wee while to warm up. They develop their readership and slowly find their voice. Joe’s website simply exploded onto the internet with great content and has consistently provided news stories that nobody else is picking up. Joe’s background in sports journalism has provided him with the skills required to produce articles and features that don’t rely on that morning’s Daily Record. His regular updates on Willie McStay’s time in Hungary provided fans with information that simply wasn’t available elsewhere. The regular updates on youth players and reserve matches show a commitment which few sites can match. The only question is where are the videos on VideoCelts?

3. Struan Bartlett (6)  – Newsnow

Barlett is the CEO of the site that can make or break a Celtic fan site. After many years of resisting the urge to join newsnow we finally gave in back in February and our readership went through the roof. We have said for a long time any site which wishes to be successful has to play the newsnow game and we’re a perfect example of that. In an interesting development this year saw Newsnow ban the words “tim” and “hun” from its feed. Any article which featured these words did not make the Newsnow Celtic page and this has had a dramatic effect on the articles fans sites produce. Now we are well aware that “tim” and “hun” are not sectarian terms but Newsnow took the decision to block these mainly to avoid the constant stream of whining emails. Could it be that Newsnow will succeed where Nil By Mouth failed and we will eventually see the word “hun” disappear from Celtic sites? Probably not but it certainly caused a few sites to check their terminology.

2. Sellic (1) – Teh Huddleboard

Sellic continues to oversee the most anarchic Celtic site online. With an incredibly diverse cohort, the huddleboard offers something for everyone. Provided you are over 18 and are not easily offended. Sometimes the reputation of the huddleboard goes before it and it’s easy to forget that this is a board that raises vast sums for charity and probably more than any other reflects the diverse nature of the Celtic support. Sellic has held the number one position for the past two years and that reflects the excellence that is to be found within the huddleboard. However, this year most of the stuff that really got folk talking was coming from elsewhere…

1. Dianogah (5) – KDS, Celtic Graves Society and The Celticwiki

With Fitzpas hanging up his spurs Dianogah became the new sheriff in town. Yes the KDS mods are a collective and yes they all lock and delete posts with equal power but Dianogah is the man with the keys to the kingdom. He has found himself as part of not one but three of the websites mentioned so far and his involvement with both the Celtic Graves and the Celtic Wiki cannot be understated. However, it is the fact that he is the name above the door of KDS that makes him worthy of our top slot. With the managerial changes which have taken place at Celtic Park there really is only one website to keep an eye on for gossip and insider knowledge and that’s KDS. There is a hardcore of punters who are regular drinkers in certain West End alehouses and this means they are well worth listening to when it comes to club gossip. Given this it is only logical that the man in charge of the most influential site takes this year’s number one spot. Even if he is trying to destroy the world.


So do you agree or disagree with the list? Who did we miss and who should be higher up? Let us know in the comments section below.

Last year’s list can be found here.