It was no better in January 2009. Strachan desired Steven Fletcher from Hibs but the Celtic board would not sanction the transfer and for the sake of a couple of hundred thousand pounds he was allowed to escape, eventually joining the mighty English side Burnley as Celtic looked on frustrated. It was nothing short of embarrassing. And it’s through lack of real investment that we find ourselves in this predicament today.


It had to happen sometime. Rangers now have a new owner and there will be new investment at Ibrox. There are those of us tired over many years of allowing Rangers to set the terms. Celtic, it seems, are quite content to wait until Rangers show their hand before making any reaction. What many of us find unforgivable is that these last few years we made no attempt to grind them into dust when we had the perfect opportunity. They made little investment so we followed suit accordingly. Had the roles been reversed then they would have been merciless towards us. And rightly so.

Last summer’s transfer kitty was basically a large chunk of the Aiden McGeady transfer from Spartak Moscow. Be sure that this summer another victim will have to be sacrificed for the next transfer window budget. Izaguirre, Kayal or Hooper ? Or all three ?

My patience with the Celtic board ran out a long time ago. As Rangers come to terms with their new owners it seems that we are know exactly what to expect from ours.  The sense of apathy around Parkhead is overwhelming.