This Season the Scotland number 2 claimed a referee was biased against his team and accused Celtic players of diving
This Season he did not get a touchline ban

This Season Rangers admitted stealing money from the tax man
This Season the press blamed Lloyds banking group for not supporting Rangers

This Season it emerged that Rangers had been cheating the tax man for 10 years and owed up to £60m
This Season the press claimed this was made up

This Season a ref gave a penalty to Rangers in an Old Firm game when looking in the opposite direction
This Season the press said complaining about this was stoking the fires of resentment

This Season 3 Rangers players were sent off in a defeat at Celtic Park
This Season the press called this a Celtic v Rangers shame game

This Season Rangers players hit the Celtic physio and laid hands on the ref
This Season these players were not banned

This Season the Rangers assistant twice tried to enter the Celtic dugout and fight with Celtic staff
This Season he got no ban but the Celtic manager did.

This Season two Celtic Players and the manager were sent bullets in the post
This Season the press said nothing

This Season the Celtic manager was sent “viable” parcel bombs in the post
This Season the press said “he brings it on himself”

This Season, the Celtic Manager was attacked in the dugout at an away game
This Season, the other managers said nothing

This Season then Motherwell manager Craig Brown punched someone
This Season the press laughed

This Season Craig Brown Squared up to Boyle.

This Season Brown got let off

This Season the President of the sfa sat in on his discipline hearing when he shouldn’t.

This Season he complained that Celtic should stop whinging

This Season the Celtic family bonded like it hadn’t done since Seville
This Season is Not The End…Just The Beginning