I knew that once Hercules (or Herce as I call him) contacted the club that Lenny and Johan took it upon themselves to toughen me up, in expectation that I would accept the challenge to be part of Greek mythology and fight the Hydra with Herce.  This has to be the reason they would pelt me with tomatoes and lettuces on my way into and out of Lennoxtown.  This must also be the reason they put vipers in my kit bag – it was a symbolic gesture – the same trial that Herce went through as a baby.  It also makes sense now as to why Johan has had me practising my Greco-roman wrestling skills with him.  Why did I ever question his wisdom?


Further evidence presented itself when we signed a gigantic, bald, frost-giant called Danny from Sweden.  This guy is what nightmares are made of.  Between him and Johan, I have my work cut out.  Johan whispered to me that Danny loves a naked wrestle and that he’ll be joining us for our weekly bout, on Friday nights, in the showers, after everyone else has left.  I now know that Lenny brought this terror from the north to test my nerve, to make sure that I was brave enough to be able to stand beside Hercules when he faced off against the many monsters of Greek myth.  But it was all in vain, although I believe that their efforts have made me every inch the player I am today.

After he learned that I had decided to remain at Celtic, Lenny walked past me without saying a word.  Without even looking me in the eye.  I know why he did this.  He was so grateful that I was staying, my loyalty meant so much to him that if he spoke to me or our eyes met across the training ground that he would break down in tears.  It’s a man thing.  It’s been three weeks now and he still can’t look me in the eye, it means that much to him.

Oh well, we have a week off this week, international week.  But I cannot wait to take the field of battle once again and to hear the affection of the Celtic support echo in that grand arena of combat, Celtic Park.  I just hope Hercules is okay on his missions.  I hear my close wrestling partner Kyriakos is free, perhaps he could call him, I’ll put in a good word for him if Herce calls looking for a reference.

Okay diary, nighty-night time.  Tomorrow I will ponder the nature of reality and whether time is in fact a separate dimension or if the universe is a holographic projection of my own mind.


Georgy. x