The Game Episode 7 – Barca 125

November 7th 2012.  The night before a Mass was held in St Mary’s to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the forming of Celtic Football Club and that week illustrated that Big Billy’s words about there being a fairytale about this club were never more true.

We has invited the board of Barca to share in our commemoration mass and the following night they visited the Cathedral of noise that was Celtic Park as 60,000 fans and 13 players put on a show that had the whole world talking.

On this weeks podcast Antony Murray and I discuss The Game with Ewan McLean (@_ewanmclean).  We talk about what he was doing at the time and the marvel of that evening.  Paul Hayward of The Telegraph wrote “ Somehwere between madness and love, this fanaticism did for Barcelona on a night when the Celtic team and their disciples were indivisible.  Money can’t buy you that”

What a night! The world’s greatest team beaten by the world’s greatest club….




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