podcast-imageThis week Harry is joined by a very special guest – Mr Stiliyan Petrov.


Stiliyan very kindly took time out of his hectic schedule organising the Stiliyan Petrov game at Celtic Park this Sunday to discuss football with a fawning fan.  They obviously discuss the forthcoming charity match at Celtic Park where some of the greatest Celts of the last 20 years (and more) will return to once again grace the hallowed grounds.  Additionally Stiliyan gives an insight into his time at Celtic and more importantly discusses the drive and motivation required for a young footballer to make it at the top level.  Once listening I’m sure you’ll agree stiliyan is a very compelling speaker – putting us all to shame by being SO articulate in a foreign tongue!


As this podcast is uploaded, a few thousand tickets (max) are still available at £10 & £5.  The beneficiaries are the Stiliyan Petrov Foundation and the Trussell Trust.  Yes in the 21st Century of one of the world’s richest countries we’re playing a game to put food on tables of the poor in our city!


At the end of the podcast, Harry indicates that there may be some special podcasts coming up to mark 200 Celtic Underground podcasts.