10. Bellamy refusing to autograph rangers top at Glasgow Airport

You’ve got to love Bellamy. Regardless of the attacking teammates with golf clubs stuff and that.


Charlie and the Bhoys give it big licks on Friday night at the Barrowlands.

8. Celtic FC – Inspiration

Another nice wee compilation spoiled only by the addition of Kenny Miller.

7. Paddy Nakamura

Now that’s funny. Swearing but funny.

6. Carlos Cuellar the cheat

Another sweary one but “commentator’s eye” makes me laugh out loud every time.

5. Easy Lionel

Nothing to do with Celtic but a great view of Queen Street. Remember drugs are bad kids.

4. FIGHTING TALK ANTI FASCIST ACTION 1993 AFA antifa Red Action Rangers Loyalist UVF

7 minutes of stuff that we all knew already.

3. Celtic Sack Tony Mowbray

BBC present a 2 minute review of Tony’s time at the club.

2. Jos Hooiveld signs at Celtic FC

A home video from Jos. Maybe one day we’ll see him on the park but he definitely talks a good game.

1. Chris Kamara misses sending off at portsmouth.

“As ee?”