Celtic Underground  264

Celtic Underground 264

This week St Anthony is joined by a man who does not look to court the limelight yet has been an essential part of the Celtic fan story for over 20 years – Mr Brendan Sweeney. Many will have known of Brendan since his time at Celts For Change when he was a key member of the group which helped galvanise the fans into a movement which led to the transformation of our club. More recently Brendan has been part of The Celtic Graves Society and has just written a book entitled Celtic THE EARLY YEARS 1887-1892.

If you are interested in Celtic books, the Admiral Bar will be hosting a book evening on Thursday 19th November.

More details can be found here – http://celticunderground.net/celtic-history-discussion-and-book-night-admiral-bar-19th-november/



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