In order to offset this a bit, the 11-1 voting systems allows any two clubs to veto a measure.  This might be Rangers and Celtic, but it could be St Mirren and Dunfermline.  This is really a nod to the fact that Rangers and Celtic have the most power because they have the most fans, but it’s a cludge because no-one wants to recognise that power is vested in clubs by the people, when it comes to football.

A truly democratic system would give a vote per fan, rather than a vote per club.  There are practical limitations to how that can be done, but here is an outline of how it could be introduced.

1. Block voting

Each club gets a number of votes based on its average home gate for the previous season.  This is a practical way of working out the size of the club without fans having to register.  It also gives clubs an insentive to attract more fans to the stadium.  at the moment no club is filling their stadium every week so that won’t limit their voting rights.

2. A basic majority wins

There would be no need for the 11-1 rule if voting was proportionate to fan base, so that rule can go.

3. Universal Suffrage

Every club registered with the SFA should get to vote on everything.  Ross County will be in the SPL next season but have no say in how it will be structured till they get there.  Equally, Dundee have a lot of fans but no say in league reconstruction.  That is undemocratic.  If Rangers end up in the SFL, they will still have a lot of fans, and should still have a say in how leagues are governed.

These measures would make Scottish Football more like the House of Representatives, and therefore more democratic, and would acknowledge that all clubs are not created equal.  Power comes from the people who support those clubs (who are created equal).

In the US system, legislation has to be passed by both the House and the Senate (and President – I propose Victor Wanyama) before it can become law.  A similar model where rules have to be backed by a majority of fans and a majority of clubs, could be considered, but might just lead to nothing ever being passed.


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