Today is 4th March 2019 – 25 years since Fergus took over the reigns and started the building blocks of where Celtic are now – the preeminent and most successful living club in Scotland.  In the 25 years since Fergus we have;

  • Restarted the Celtic charity (Now the Celtic FC Foundation)
  • Got the widest fan ownership base in the UK with circa 27,000 fans owning a part of the club
  • Transformed Celtic Park into one of the most talked about football arenas in Europe for atmosphere
  • Built a 60,000 stadium with the highest number of season book holders in Scotland
  • Are now one of the top 10 attended clubs in Europe every season
  • Won 14 of our 49 league titles (with number 15 on the way) (that’ll be 1/3rd of our league titles in 1/5th of our history)
  • Won 9 or our 18 League Cups
  • Won 9 of our 38 Scottish Cups
  • Appeared in one UEFA Cup Final
  • Hosted one Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony
  • Hosting one Rugby European Final
  • The most successful football charity in the UK

Not bad building blocks.


Of course Fergus didn’t do this alone.  He was the guy who got us over the line and created put in place all the building blocks.  It was the weight of pressure from the fans, galvanised by the Celts for Change Group who lead us to the point where Fergus, Dempsey and co could deliver on our hopes and dreams and special thanks must go to everyone involved.  We did what other Glasgow clubs couldn’t.  We stood united and saved our club.


Five years ago we created a Fergus anthology with clips from Fergus plus clips from the podcasts we did with Brian Dempsey, Matt McGlone and also Tales from The Celtic Wiki and here it is;


The Celtic Underground Podcast No.211 – Fergus Tribute – A 20 year Rebel Anthology