Bearing in mind ALL of the above though, in my view, these are not reasons to stop supporting Celtic. Celtic are more than an average club, and we are more than average supporters.



This might be brought on by me watching the Official History DVD over the last couple of weeks, but I was reminded of the reasons for creating the club, the times where it has battled, and we have battled through adversity, the spirit shown by the many great players and managers. The last minute wins, the final day league wins, coming back from a goal down against one of the best teams in the world to win the European Cup.


Do you think our club could have done all these things without us?? I don’t think so.


Will the team benefit from a half full stadium next season? No.


The team need us, we need to step up and show our support, and our love for the Club.


The average attendance over the last few weeks has been somewhere in the region of 25 to 30,000. I’d imagine the upcoming game against them will attract a tad more, maybe another 30,000.


So, why do you want to go to this game?


Is it   a. You love Celtic, it means everything to you?

b. You hate Rangers, and everything they stand for?

Or    c. You feel that the team need our support?


For me, it is all 3! But surely these are the same reasons that you follow our great club, and the same reason’s you would go to any game.


I appreciate the current climate and maybe a lot of people don’t have the money that they could spend on a ticket previously, but if you do have, consider what Celtic means to you, and the feeling you get when the Captain shows you that piece of silverware you have helped the team achieve .


We need to go, and we need to be supporters. The way the Jungle Bhoys / Green Brigade / Comrades have getting behind the side will help the players. We have a cause worth following, unlike many other Football clubs.


Let’s get behind the club, and let us carry the team back to winning ways.