Or perhaps Mr Collum has other reasons for making so many ‘honest mistakes’ while officiating Celtic games.  Perhaps he goes out of his way not to appear biased.  If he feels that this is causing him to underperform in Celtic games then he needs to go to his masters at the SFA and request that he is no longer considered for Celtic games.

In a rather strange and unrelated paragraph I would like to mention that £850 every weekend is a nice little earner for a public servant on a steady if unspectacular rate of pay.  I would like to make it clear that this random thought of mine has nothing to do with the rest of this article.  (Note to self:  £850 a week on top of your wages for 9 months of the year is a nice little earner.  I wouldn’t want to jeopardise that by annoying my pay masters.  But that’s just me and my greedy little mind….)

Whatever the case may be, the man should not be allowed near a Celtic game again.  In fact after his bizarre performance in Hamilton he needs to be demoted and work his way back up again.

So, to the heart of the matter.  I am not a man who has ‘contacts’ or  ‘sources’.  I know no whistle blowers.  Yet I hear there are some who do.  Rumour has it that some people are in possession of some further ‘evidence’ of bias within the refereeing fraternity.

My instinct tells me that certain knowledge and perhaps possession of certain documents was used a lever to force a little bit of movement from the SFA on McDonald and Dallas.  It has worked, to an extent.  However, recent events on and off the field – the 6 match ban for our manager and the absolutely disgraceful display of refereeing from Willie Collum and his stand side linesman at Hamilton, coupled with the snide remarks of the SFA President –  are pointing very firmly to ‘evidence’ that the footballing fraternity are not going to roll over and be tickled by an impertinent Timmy asking for a level playing field.

We have said all we can say.  We cannot keep repeating ourselves without taking the requisite action.  I don’t want a boycott, we need to be beside our team.  It appears we have a far more effective weapon – but it has to be used.

So I for one believe the time is now ripe for full and frank disclosure of whatever ‘evidence’ Celtic minded people have in their possession.  A job might also be conveniently found for a certain ‘whistle blowing’ SFA employee lest they become victims of their employers spite when the heat gets turned up.

And while we are at it I hope Messrs Lawwell and Desmond are prepared to invest a few shekels in a mobile centre forward to cover for our injured players and to take us forward.  We must not lose sight of the inadequacies we see in our team.  Mind you I wonder if we had Messi, Xavi and Iniesta in our team if we would even be allowed to win anyway.

Bottom line – if there is a way to expose the cheating that we see against our club week in and week out and to bring it to an end then those with that wherewithal must act and act now. Otherwise ‘what is the point?’