Now, before you just laugh and dismiss the idea, cast your mind back to 1989 and a Mr Maurice John Giblin “Mo” “Le Petite Merde (PLM)” Johnston (I still find it harder to mention his name that Boyd’s).

I was a much younger and volatile (as well as slimmer) man at that time, but can recall vividly the excitement, the thrill the joy that LPM was returning to Celtic, he was a proven SPL scorer, a great track record at international level, he was one of us and he hated Rangers.  This was our chance to catch up with a good Rangers team being built by the beast Souness.

Such was the feel good factor at the club due to his signing I had no doubt, absolutely no doubt, we would win the Scottish cup final against Rangers in the upcoming fixture.  So confident was I, that I persuaded my father to put my paper round money on Joe Miller scoring for Celtic.  Joe scored, LPM had a little problem, Souness and Murray took a chance and revelled in great delight with, let’s be fair, one of the biggest GIRUY of the time.

The ramifications of LPM jumping were huge, personally I think it took almost 5 years to recover, our hero, who hated Rangers, our great hope of catching Rangers, actually joined Rangers.  It was crisis time and it stayed for a very very long time and could have happened at a worst time due to our cripplingly poor finances.

Now think what would happen if Boyd joined Celtic, but he’s a Hun I hear you say! Correct, he is, of that there is no doubt, but he’s a goal scorer and lets be fair a prolific one at that.  Can you imagine where Rangers would be without his 101 goals in four seasons?  More importantly, where would we be?  Can you imagine what this would do to a financially crippled club like Rangers?  Did Jock Stein have a problem signing ex Rangers or Rangers supporting players?

This is our Schadenfreunde moment, we get a proven scorer for free, we remove 25 to 30 goals from Rangers this season, we take their hero and hope, we put them back 5 years, we utterly split their support and show them in their worst light.

Put it another way, let’s say we sign him on a Bosman and he flops?  We’d sell him to some EPL dross for 3m in a heartbeat.

Come on Celtic, revenge is a dish best served cold.