Despite the best efforts of internet bampots of a green and white persuasion it has yet to dawn on the media folk of this sometimes benighted country, that the organisation referred to above no longer exists.  The truth of course is that it is dead and gone but it would appear that the term zombie Rangers is in fact more accurate than one might imagine, inasmuch as zombies are the un-dead and it would appear un-killable as well.

There are few angles to this horror story which have been left uncovered but every day brings a new revelation which can surprise and delight but just as easily shock and confuse.

This last week has brought us both.  From the apparently bold statements of the various SPL chairmen which appeared to condemn the heirs of the former club to outer darkness, to the disgraceful turn around by officials who are charged with protecting the national game but whose real motivation seems to be protecting the only club who are serial offenders when it comers to rule breaking, any attempt to rationalise what is happening is doomed to failure.

I think that what I find most disturbing is that apart from finance there is no reason to even breath life in this thoroughly corrupt and immoral organisation and yet apparently serious commentators continue to argue for its right to exist and indeed to attempt to persuade us that their continuance somehow fills a social need.

Watching the rabble who comprise the hard core of the Rangers support is like watching clips from films such as Mississippi Burning where the Ku Klux Klan vent their spleen at Jews, Catholics and Blacks in no particular order.  The demonstration outside Ibrox the other night to listen to that master orator John  Brown appeared from the video recording that I watched, to mainly comprise pecker-woods and good ol’ boys, exactly the sort of white trash who follow follow the orange order on most summer weekends in towns around Scotland.

The so called nice, intelligent fans are noticeable by their absence and the ground upon which the newco is being built is populated by the worst that the old Rangers had to offer.

This past week on Ch4 news Alex Thompson was discussing the disgraceful gerrymandering which is going on to offer the newco a lifeline to the top table with minimum pain, and he suggested that even some fans of the old club agreed with the idea that they should start again in Div 3 of the SFL.  Alex described the brand as ‘toxic’ – he wrote a very good blog on this topic last week – and suggested that renewal, after a period of punishment and reflection would allow them to eventually return to the top league in time.  He then somewhat spoiled his argument by going over to that decrepit and idiotic fans’ representative John McMillan for a comment.

True to type, McMillan’s view was that they should go to Div 3 and ‘then see how they get along without us

Not a word of apology or any sense of remorse for the years of cheating and financial wrongdoing which brought them to this pass. Not the slightest awareness that they are in fact the architects of their own downfall and that a major contributor to this fall is arrogance and hubris on a grand scale.  No – defiance and bluster coupled with a veiled threat.  That is and has always been the Rangers way.

They really believe that they are ‘the peepul’ and are subject to no rules except their own.  And yet that is their greatest weakness, because in order to see the world as they do, the word ‘integrity’ has no place.

I honestly feel that if they survive this trauma with anything better than the 3rd Division of the SFL then the game in Scotland is finished and I have resolved to take no further interest in it.

I say this with a real sense of sadness.  I have followed Celtic for the best part of 55 years and was on the point of renewing my season ticket and was looking forward to taking my grandson to matches this season, but I see no point in a sport where the competition is rigged in favour of one participant.

In a right society with a honest game they would be expelled and have to take their place with the Pollock Juniors, Spartans and Cove Rangers in applying for a place in the SFL, but that is perhaps too much to expect or even to hope for.  However if the new season starts with anything resembling Rangers anticipating a fixture at anywhere above the level of  Annan Athletic then Scottish Football and those who run it are beneath contempt.

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