Lets not beat around the bush.  Here we have Scotland’s biggest independent broadcaster and news outlet aligning themselves with one of the most bigoted and hate-filled organisations on the planet. 

For Rangers it’s a win/win.  They’ve cut off all ties with the BBC and therefore have no television propaganda wing. In the closing stages of what may prove to be a disastrous title race, the denouement of the controversial Tax Cases against them and the entire tom-foolery surrounding their crooked owner they need someone to weed out the negative stories and put some positive spin on them, god knows, there’ll be enough of them.  The circulation of the Daily Record and Sunday Mail are tumbling by the day, so it makes sense that they’ve teamed with an ever present television channel. 

For the STV it’s a more curious announcement.  Here we have, as I’ve already stated, Scotland’s biggest independent broadcaster willing to alienate half of Glasgow’s ethnic populace.  Why would the suits at STV risk losing hundreds of thousands of viewers?  The only real reason is that it would give them the promise of scoops that the BBC would be unable to obtain.  They’d have supreme access to interviews with Rangers hierarchy, players, and staff.  But is this enough to justify the alienation of an entire people?  It’s my belief that the suits at the STV have decided which side they want to be on when the SNP begin to add weight to their “Offensive Behaviour” bill and we start to see a massive operation on many fronts against the Catholic way of life in Scotland.  It might begin with Football, but the purity of the World Game is being used as a vehicle to further a darker political agenda. 

I’ve stated in other articles that there is a war brewing at this point in time.  What is being touted as a war on bigotry is actually a war on anything Catholic, Irish and Celtic.  The language of this war is very deceptive.  We’re being told that religious intolerance is the target of these new laws with the power of the Scottish Parliament being given to policemen to use their judgment in deciding whether someone is being offensive or not.  But what’s really going on is a campaign to paint the protestant side of Scotland in a better light and to bring the Catholic, Irish side of Scotland down.  We’re being told that if you’re deemed to be offensive then you can go to prison for up to 5 years.  This from a government who admitted they destroyed the sectarian violence statistics when they proved that Catholics were far more likely to be the victims of such atrocities. 

5 years.  You can stab someone to death while high on heroin and get less time than calling a hun a hun in public.  Just think about that for a second.  How can that be justified in modern society?

If some pissed off cop decides he doesn’t like the colour of your tee-shirt; you’re going down.  Why?  Because he can decide you’re offending someone else, or him.  

“Offense” is entirely subjective.  Being offended is a personal emotion.  What offends one, will not offend the other.  Since when was someone being offended by what you say a good enough reason for imprisonment?  The act of silencing someone for saying aloud what they think hearkens back to darker days, when being a black man (for example) was justification for lynching, when being Jewish was a good enough reason for genocide.  What seems a small measure now is only stepping stone for fascism.  The first thing any fascist political party ever does is seize control of the state media outlets to use to further their political beliefs and ideals.  Rangers “Partnership” with a national broadcaster is exactly this.  It’s dressed up as a partnership with a football team but on the societal scale it says so much more.  It tells the rampaging hordes who destroyed Manchester that it’s all right to do so.  It tells the knife-wielding, loyalist thugs who are happy to slash teenage throats that they have the backing of the entire country.  This is how it begins.  Passing laws under the auspices of keeping you safe, they take a small piece of your freedom and exchange it for an extra level of security.  Piece by Piece, bit by bit they strip away your liberties until one day you’ll wake up and discover that being Catholic is against the law. 

Watch (if you dare) as the Rangers supporters Presbyterian ideals are glorified on STV’s shows.  Listen as they wax lyrical about Rangers supporters behaviour.  Witness the distortion of the truth as the defamation of the Catholic people goes unchecked.  I guarantee the first picture you see of Neil Lennon will be him snarling or spitting while a jocular “Cheeky” Ally McCoist holds court, like a gurning jester, witty retorts and comedy answers spill from his ballooning lips.  The latest Glasgow Derby result has already drawn proof of this, while every other Scottish media website led with headlines mentioning the score line or Celtic taking the top spot in the league, the STV ran with Ally McCoist’s chagrin at ‘The Goal That Wasn’t”. 

For 90% of Scotland’s population, this is reality for them.  What they see on TV must be true, it simply cannot be biased.  People’s opinions are swayed by the mass media, even if they don’t realise it at the time.  Ask most non-football supporting people and they’ll tell you they don’t like Neil Lennon.  They can’t tell you why, other than that he looks angry every time they see him.  Media distortion at work. 

Every media outlet in every country has a level of bias, whether it be editors personal opinions, corporate pay-masters agendas or advertising cash that pays for the upkeep of the station, each and every media outlet has a bias and the truth is always distorted to those agendas.  STV’s agenda is now clear, even if we suspected it in the past.  They’re agenda is the promotion of Rangers and all who follow her.  

This is a dangerous time to be a Celtic supporting Catholic in Scotland.  Dangerous laws have been passed and now there are lines being drawn in the sand in the countries media outlets.   
I’d urge all of you who Read this to avoid watching STV from hence-forth.  The only way to fight them is to starve them of viewing figures.  This is where it hurts them most.  If they don’t have the figures then they don’t have the backing of advertisers and they don’t have the cash to stay afloat.