They are providing career assistance, that many of us can only dream of, Scottish Cup, UEFA Games, and a big FIFA sewn on badge.

We are seeing things happen before our eyes, which beggar belief, but are being accepted, endorsed, and now rubber stamped by the SFA Refereeing Glasgalaticos.


That’s where this is stemming from, and maybe you gallant professional journalists should use some of your extensive, I’m sure, contact networks to get to the bottom of this.


Try asking them directly why so many Celtic players have been booked for leaving the field of play celebrating a goal ? We’ve even seen a Celtic player sent off for this heinous crime.


Why was a Celtic player yellow carded for a deliberate hand ball offence at the weekend, only for a similar offence to be committed, without the same action ?


You can ask away for the explanation of Bougherras presence on the field of play at the final whistle. Good luck with that one.


You’ll notice I’ve not mentioned the Scott Brown red card. Correct, I know you’re not that stupid.


You’ve seen the game, you’ve watched the TV coverage, and you’ve seen the re-runs – and don’t kid on you haven’t, because I know you really do that sort of thing. Sometimes you even submit match reports, sometimes even when you’ve not even been there. You do, don’t you, go on, admit it.


And before you even think about trying to even this up with a counter with something that happened to the poor gers, I’m telling you to stop, look & listen.


I don’t care about Rangers, I’m more interested in getting to the root cause of this, and getting answers. You know, that journo thing ……


Be seen to even achieve an answer to any of the questions above from the GG’s, and I’ll guarantee you a Green Peter Maguirtin badge. Honestly, I mean it. I really really do.