Indeed, football itself looks like a rather petty affair when placed in the context of these events which – by signalling out Paul McBride and Trish Godman for similar treatment – will also have chilled to the marrow those working in the usually rarefied worlds of politics and the judiciary. Like showbiz, however, the game will inevitably roll ever on. Wise heads have suggested that Celtic should perhaps be doing more to assist their principal employee. Could there be a sabbatical, some leave of absence to let things cool down? I seriously doubt Neil Lennon would consider such a thing.


Better, in fact, for Celtic, the police, civil society at large, and politicians on all sides to stand together to make it clear what lies behind these outrages: namely a deep, visceral loathing from people on the lunatic fringe of the Rangers support. There can be no weasel words, no dodging the issue – straight talking is required and Alex Salmond is correct when he says “the message to the fanatics is this is not going to be tolerated.”

Such sentiment must be repeated and upheld elsewhere throughout the country – and not least at Ibrox if any kind of sanity is to be preserved. In this context we are indeed – Catholic or not, Celtic or not – ‘all Neil Lennon’.