PickliveYou may have noticed the new link in the menu bar at the top of the site – Picklive.

The nice people at Picklive have been in touch and have offered you, our lovely readers, the chance to check out their online football game. Picklive is a cross between fantasty football and in game betting. There are two ways to play – live game and big game.

Each live game lasts 7.5 minutes and you can play 10 games during a live football match.You can join a live game as the match progresses. In a live game you compete against up to 25 other people per game and make a team by picking 3 players. The players you pick score points for passes, shots, tackles etc.  You can check your progress in real-time as the live match unfolds. If you gain the most points in that 7.5 minutes you win the cash prize – this is the share of the pot which is . If you don’t you can have another crack in the next 7.5 minutes. Each Live Game costs £1 to play.

Each Big Game lasts for an entire live match. You enter the Big Game before it kicks off and make a team by picking 5 players. Scoring is the same as in the live game and you can check your progress in real-time. For example I’m getting my arse handed to me in the Bristol Rovers V QPR Big Game which is currently in play. Each Big Game costs £2 to play.

I’ve been trying this out for a wee bit prior to putting it on the website and it definitely enlivens even the most uninteresting live match. Sign up and Picklive will stick £3 in your account because you’ve come from Celticunderground. Minimum deposit is a fiver and Picklive will double your initial deposit up to £20. And here’s the clincher – for everyone that signs up via this link Picklive will pay Celticunderground a fiver. And if you sign up via our link Picklive will stick £3 in your account because you’ve come from Celticunderground. So if you deposit a fiver into your account you’ll get an extra £8 to play with and you’ll be contributing £5 to help pay the £80-£100 a month that the site and podcast is costing.

And provided you’re not a complete numpty like me you could even make money out of it. What do you think?

We’re shameless aren’t we?