I sometimes wonder whether the people who run sports just don’t understand fans or pro-actively do things just to annoy because of the supporters I know, most share my opinion.  I get it for the administrators, it is their job so it makes no difference and for the journalists, many are self employed so the shorter the summer break the easier it is to pay the mortgage, but give us a break, a decent one.

Most of the fans I know love football and love the club they support.  They will attend all home games and many away but they want (and need) a break.  The people I know who are desperate for the new season to begin seem to fall into two extreme camps.  People with absolutely no life whatsoever for whom each day has been a long drawn out wait until the next game or people who have a general casual interest and whose life will not be altered much by the coming campaign.

My wife has no interest in football but 20 years ago accepted that it governed how we organised our social lives so I dread reminding her that only 1 week into the Glasgow Fair fortnight our season begins and my ability to commit to anything on a weekend is limited.

Hopefully this season European interest will be beyond Christmas – just about the time we can have confidence that Lenny is about to secure his first title (J!).  Already my addiction is kicking in as I sat with my laptop on getting a stream of the last 15 mins of an open house training session – our 1-0 victory over Cardiff.

I love Celtic and will once again become fully absorbed in the season ahead.  It’s just all a little too soon.