During his 9 game tenure the board informally discussed various options and sought to feedback from the agents of candidates at various levels.  When they believed they had a good grasp of viable candidates it was decided to set up a nominations committee to review all possibilities.  This committee consisted of Reid, Allison and Dermott Desmond.  Upon review it appears that they believed that some of these “viable candidates” such as Levine, Pardew and Pearson offered no greater guarantees than Lennon.  Neil knew the job and illustrated that he could deal with the media.

As part of the due diligence of the nominations committee discussions have already taken place about the proposed management team.  Gary Parker is expected to join the coaching staff with attempts to bring in a very experienced coach to assist ongoing.  Disappointingly for fans of the big man like me, Mjalby is expected to head back home to a job in Sweden.

Lennon played with Kevin Wilson of Nottingham Forrest and is keen to get him onboard.  Hull are desperate to get Jamie Bullard off the wage bill and he could be the perfect character to add to the Lennon dressing room.

As you can imagine news is filtering through and Eddie will keep you update via here on Twitter as we get it, provided he can sort the virus on his PC.

(written by Harry in Eddie’s hour of need)