From a Celtic supporter’s point of view, during this season I have read the websites and forums with all their talk of unleashing Reid on them, supposed smoking guns of paperwork – amended and fabricated, sackings, statements, facts and supposition. All of this leading to what I thought was the inevitable outcome, that at last, Celtic would stand as one and tell people how it really is in Scotland, in 2011. That the club, its history, its supporters and all we stand for is hated to a level where it consumes those even in high office to such a degree that they will do anything within their power to keep us down.


We had evidence, we had paperwork, we had TV pictures, we had e-mails and we had them on the ropes, defenceless just hoping that the knockout blow would not be delivered. And I watched, hoped, prayed [in an all inclusive Celtic family way of course] and waited and……………


Last Wednesday the rangers football team and management imploded in a clear manifestation of the wider issues surrounding their club. Currently, Celtic own them on and off the field and they despise it. To clarify, I am not saying we are streets ahead as a football team although we are marginally better. Rangers demise has coincided with our board hoodwinking us into a catastrophic downsizing, shopping in the bargain bins of the lower leagues in England. For Celtic this is a massive fall from grace and a tragedy.

So as rangers imploded, lost their discipline and tried to kick and fight us out of Celtic Park, again I thought now is the time, come out of the green corner strong and strike the knockout blow, put this lot out of their misery, put clear ground between us and kill this ‘Old Firm’ tag once and for all. They came to our place and started the fight. As Roy Walker used to say on Catchphrase: ‘say what you see’.


The SNP guy Salmond, head of an organisation with close ‘historic’ links to the Church of Scotland and the Orange Order called for a Summit.

Again I thought, right, this is our time, turn up, fine but stand our ground, we are not the bad ghuys here. They are the bigots, the hooligans, the establishment club and they are guilty of gross misconduct on the football pitch on Wednesday. DON’T LET THEM TARNISH US. Give it to them Pete!!

So Mr Lawwell comes into the press conference and sits next to the bloke from the hot part of Scotland and he sits there, as a spokesman for Celtic fans all over the world and he kills us all.

After all that has gone on, after what we have been through throughout history and this season specifically we are there again, represented by Pete and he sits with his six point ‘Old Firm’ plan.

Jesus God!!!

Do Celtic as a club and an institution have no idea? I am guessing not. All Pete and his idiotic plan have done is once again making us guilty by association and shame on him and the club for doing it. Not only that but the plan and the comments also bring an end to us challenging authorities for fair play and to be treated as equals. The media will have a field day the first time Celtic question a decision, we will have players, scared to be committed in case they a pilloried by the governing bodies.

We had the chance to set ourselves apart, to end the endless one is as bad as the other dirge which is continually trotted out. We had a chance to be Celtic Football Club and our board failed us.

You killed us Pete, you handed them the get out of jail free card and you condemned us to be forever linked to THEM and for that I am truly disgusted.

So whenever you are drinking your Tennents or buying club merchandise with the Tennents logo, considering buying a car from Glasgow Audi, booking your holidays through Thomas Cook remember this –

We are the same as THEM because our board have made it so.