Anyway enough of this post post modern irony. We have been told by reliable sources that last year’s list was reviewed by a number fo the current squad and caused no little debate so we fully expect that this year’s list will also be keenly followed by more than a few of our championship winning players.

And the reason they are interested is because this list is definitive – it’s 100% spot on. We’re very confident that you will be unable to argue with the order these players have been placed in. Partly because we think we’re right but mainly because we’ll block your access to the site if you try to.

So starting tomorrow morning  you can check out the site to discover who was the 10th best player in a Celtic jersey. And then tomorrow afternoon you can discover who came 9th. Hopefully 8th and 7th place will follow on Tuesday because that will make us look really professional but realistically it’ll probably descend into a shambles and we’ll still be publishing the list come August the 4th. Ach I’m sure it’ll be fine.

In the meantime here’s last year’s list:

Number 1 – Izaguirre

Number 2 – Kayal

Number 3 – Hooper

Number 4 – Commons

Number 5 – Ledley

Number 6 – Brown

Number 7 – Wilson

Number 8 – Stokes

Number 9 – Ki

Number 10 – Mulgrew

Quick – guess how many of the above never made the cut this year.