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As already stated we have had to change the feed and it can now be found here . If you subscribe via itunes you should now subscribe via this link
.And we’ll still take reviews on itunes if anyone cares to put one up.
We are up to three reviews and are floating around the top 12 “Celtic”
podcasts. We are currently in an epic battle for that desirable 11th spot with “Druidcast – the Druid’s podcast.” We think they may have put a spell on us to keep us below them. Surely that’s cheating? I’ve decided to type random rubbish in here because I’m convinced nobody reads this bit. I had some nice soup for my tea tonight.

We have been approached by a company interested in
pushing our podcasts to Celtic fans but to be honest we can’t be arsed
with all that because it sounds a bit too much like work so we’ll keep
doing it this half arsed way if that’s okay with you.

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