Dermot Desmond has stated previously that his ambition for Celtic in this video:



(about 3 mins in)


For those who don’t have access to the video he says the following: “My ambition for Celtic is that it, [cant make this short bit out] performs better than any other team, has no debts, we own all our assets, we own all our players and we make a profit and if we can keep our independence and keep our following  and we can continue that way and we will probably be one of the most independent clubs in the whole of Great Britain and Ireland  and if we keep our independence and we keep our following then some day they will realise that we bring a value to the English Premier league ” 


That’s not going to happen, so what is his plans? Time for a rethink on the actual club and how we operate in our restricted yet very beatable market, how can Desmond settle at getting beat by the ex-male model Bain and the puppet master Murray, both are laughing at what they have got away with, Celtic, Dermot Desmond, Lawwell and Reid. The suggestions that Reid has been appointed for what he brings to Desmond rather that what he brings to the club seem more realistic by the day.


Heres how to fix this shambles…


We don’t have money, we know that and are fed up with our ‘well run financially’ great club telling us that but here’s a plan, get the balaclavas on and get some players sold….



  • Boruc, I like him but sell since we don’t need that kind of quality of keeper for the SPL and the Europa league – £6m.
  • Hinkel – £2m Id take it and clubs in Germany would go for it.
  • Loovens – £1m Lawwells signing should be sold for £1m if we are lucky.
  • O’Dea – A let down, I liked him but £500k is now his realistic value after this seasons fiasco.
  • McManus – £2m at best but Championship footage has not helped his cause.
  • Naylor – He punted a pass out the park at the weekend and giggled,  game over.  Bosman or a right cheeky £500k.
  • Broon – Hope Harry Redknapp still has that crazy wee inexplicable crush on him, if not please send every club on the planet Scott Broon Scotland DVDs. I hope he has returned the photos of Peter Lawwell  he has threatened the club with. Sell for £4m if we are lucky.
  • McGeady – Our most skillfull player, he is Celtics only creative force and talent but Id sell for £6m. Getting rid of him will help us clear the bad attitude that seems to exist in the squad, its not just him theres a few of them that we need rid of due to bad attitude Broon and O’Dea are the others that  come to mind.
  • Samaras -£2m, maybe the World Cup will add to that.
  • Fortune -£ 2m, a forward that doesn’t take any chances, got to go.



Thats £26m taking into consideration the maximum we could get for them, thats £26m to build a team,  go with that and add funds to that if necessary, get rid of the rot and buy a serious spine for this team. Strong dominant experienced centre half, defensive midfielder, attacking central midfielder, and two goal scoring forwards. Say thats £5m for each, £25m and we would still have funds left for further improvement, £5m would buy some real quality players for each position.


Get a serious manager, a spine for the team, let the football manager call the shots and we will romp this league next season, referees and huns wont stand a chance and it wont cost us too much.


We are running out of time to get this fixed in time for next season, time for the club to wake up and get serious about football again. We cant wait for a new manager to come in and assess players during our tour of friendlies in the summer, that failed last year, have a clear out now and let the new man build a team.