We’re feeling a bit left out here at Celtic Underground towers.  MSM have gone on fan media with blogger articles and podcasts.  Fan media has gone all tabloidy with clickbait headlines for advertising hits.  If you can’t beat em, join em so with that in mind we have recruited our own tabloid man Jack Keithson and for his first article he has come up with a stonker… Lenny to take over at Leicester!! You heard it here first.  Take it away Jack


By Jack Keithson;

Celtic Underground understands that former Hoops hero Neil Lennon could be set for a shock return to football management, at the very highest level. After being made to sit out and wait for their preferred target, we understand that Leicester City are looking at appointing Lennon on a caretaker basis!

It is known that Leicester are great admirers of current Celtic gaffer Brendan Rodgers, along with Newcastle’s former Liverpool legend Rafa Benitez however, neither of those candidates are likely to be available at this stage of the season, with Newcastle wanting to secure their Premiership position for another year and Celtic on their way to a Holy Trinity of trophies with the Northern Irishman at the helm. The Midlands club have been given encouragement that one or both of these candidates may be amenable to a summer move and are willing to bide their time. This requires them to appoint a caretaker coach and Neil Lennon perfectly fits the bill.

Lennon, the controversial Northern Irishman (only in Scotland and in England he’s just another guy), has been out of work since his sensational sacking at Hibs. Unlike many managers who then have to sit out through a period of gardening leave, Celtic Underground understand that Lennon has had his contract paid up in its entirety by Hibs due to the manner of his removal from post, and would be free to take up any job immediately. He has built up admirers across the football world with his strong coaching style and his ability to get results in key games. The fact that he is a Leicester legend, part of the Martin O’Neill era which is looked on so fondly by supporters of the Midland club, will immediately give him the acceptance any caretaker would require.

Leicester should be comfortable mid table however their recent run of poor form, which led to the sacking of Puel, has made the owners nervous about being sucked into a relegation dogfight. Lennon’s reputation for his tactical nouse and ability to get results in key games is sure to be an aspect that the Thai owners will take into consideration and will weigh heavily in his favour.

Leicester’s number one target is Brendan Rodgers and he has been on their radar for approximately 12 months. Much of the chat in the Midlands area over the summer was of Puel being replaced by the Parkhead gaffer. However, despite initial soundings out with his agent, talks did not progress and Puel stayed in post but that has not deterred the billionaire Thai owners from wanting to come back in for the brilliant Brendan.

Rodgers looks set to seal his Gr8ness at Celtic as he moves the club towards the Holy Grail of 10 in a row, and then towards title trophy number 55 when they hit 13 in a row. He has also done the incredible invincible season and had back-to-back trebles and many expect him to complete a Holy Trinity of trophies with a third consecutive treble this season.

Speculation about Brendan’s future has only been fueled further by the rancour that followed the poor summer transfer window for Celtic, followed by a good short-term transfer window in January, but these comprised only six months loan deals. Brendan has also had a number of one-on-one interviews with English based journalists where he has openly talked about the glass ceiling of Scottish domestic football.

Whatever happens in the summer with the management at Celtic, whether Brendan leaves or stays, it would be sensational news if Leicester follow up initial soundings and appoint another former Hoops gaffer in Neil Lennon as their caretaker to see them through until the summer months.

So, there you go. There’s Celtic Underground’s first step into tabloidese made up of bollocks, and with a little bit of truth thrown in, and maybe we could then start getting tonnes of advertising that makes it impossible to read the site now that we’ve got such fantastic chat.

Who knows what will happen with Leicester, who cares, there’s a Celtic game today. Who knows what will happen with Brendan, what will be will be, as long as we win trophies and keep winning trophies.