There are many more incidents including disastrous national manager appointments and the appointment of Gordon Smith as CEO.  I am sure you can think of plenty other but I am rattling this piece off the top of my head.  And Mr Peat’s qualifications for the post?  He stepped down as Airdrie chairman just a few months before the club went out of business.


It is an often used statement that the SFA ARE the clubs.  Is it therefore not appropriate that Celtic should make comment on their systems and procedures when they are clearly failing?


Mr Peat appears to be a thoroughly dislikeable man and it is typical that his comments should come on another night littered with more “honest mistakes.” 


Regardless of our performance (and I think we learned tonight that Stokes cannot play the lone striker!) there were 3 massive WRONG decisions tonight.


Accies goal                  – Offside

Forrest Foul                 – Only a booking

McGinn booking         – Penalty


Then there is the dubious nature of our “winner” being chopped off.  All from a ref who was able to see the “foul” on Broadfoot through the eyes in the back of his head.


More honest mistakes which could hand Rangers an advantage in the title race, yet Mr Peat comments on how dare we question the SFA – Who do we think we are?  Mr Peat the world has moved on. 


We are equals.  We are Celtic and we MUST NOT BACK DOWN.


The statement from Peat is unacceptable.


The performance of the officials tonight was once again unacceptable.


I know my place Mr Peat and it is first among equals.