It is ironic that they have chosen to criticise the SFA’s processes and structures yet again on the eve of our two-day seminar which will culminate in a new strategy, incorporating streamlined structures and more efficient procedures.”

It’s not ironic at all George. It comes after you issued the club’s manager with a 6 match ban.

The SFA is acutely aware of the need to modernise. That was why we commissioned the Henry McLeish Review, which we are committed to implementing.”

Which indicates none of these urgent needs to modernise have been implemented under his stewardhsip and Peat has publicly admitted to heading an outdated organization.

It is also ironic, given the constant demands for transparency and accountability, that the statement issued by Celtic last night was not attributed to anyone.”

The statement was issued by Celtic PLC George. Do you seriously want the name of the guy who typed it up? To me the ultimate irony is a man who seems fond of pointing it out in other institutions seems A) Incapable of seeing it in his own even when it’s staring him in the face and B) Doesn’t seem to understand what actually qualifies as being ironic.

Perhaps Celtic should devote more time to their own responsibilities and discipline than questioning others.”

Are you being serious George? What like how you dragged your heals over Dallas’s sacking, relegated Dougie McDonald to 4th official status for a few weeks after he’d admitted to doctoring post match reports and how no investigation was conducted into the circumstances surrounding the resignation of assistant referee Steven Craven amid claims that the head of referee’s (the aforementioned Hugh Dallas) bullied and intimated Scottish referee’s and asked him to lie in his post-match report in regards to the previously mentioned incident involving McDonald? Pot. Kettle. Black. 

What Peat has effectively indicated here is that Celtic have no right to complain about issues which they feel have aggrieved them, that complaints about Dougie McDonald’s admission of lying to the club manager were unfair criticism and that there is no room for appeal. He does have one point. It’s tiresome all right. I think we can all agree that the petulance and bowling club ,back slapping mentality of Peat and his fellow big-wigs has become as boring as it is old fashioned.

This is the latest in a long line of public gaffes by the SFA’s resident Uncle Fester. Peat seems completely incapable of running the SFA independently and just can’t stop sticking his oar in. Hilarious little acts like taking a plastic dinosaur to a press conference seem to deflect attention from the fact that this buffoon has overseen one of the most farcical periods in the error strewn and blatantly mismanaged history of Scottish football’s ruling body. The man is both incompetent and by his own admission out of date hence it’s reasonable to assume that he’s no longer relevant. If you give someone as arrogant and as disconnected from reality as this imbecile enough rope then he’ll eventually hang himself. We can but only hope.

Thank God for Henry McLeish though. Without good old Henry and his incredible insights into the ills and shortcomings of Scottish football and how it’s run (I believe the first part alone included a mere 53 recommendations) then George might not have known something was wrong. Sounds about right!