At our AGM Dr Reid stood up and made quite a bold statement – “I’M AS MAD AS HELL, AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE!” Doing this in such a public forum I cannot see any way for Reid and the board to back down, and why should they? Despite being attacked on all fronts by the media and football establishment, Celtic effectively won “round 1.”  Dougie Dougie and Dallas both went and it is for that reason that this penalty on Lenny seems so vindictive.  This appears to be the SFA’s attempt to slap us down, give us a bloody nose.  Dr Reid and Dermott do not seem like the type of people who will allow the likes of Sandy Stables (who?) to give them a bloody nose.


For me there is one compromise.  Lenny is due a 2 game ban for being sent to the stand, suspend the remaining 4 games on appeal and no doubt everyone can walk away saving face.  But what would bring the SFA to this compromise?  The other clubs.


These past few weeks have been filled with discussions regarding league reconstruction.  Despite continual claims of dislike, the fact is the future of Scottish football and the economic planning of all the diddy clubs is based around how much money WE generate for them.  How many times can they get to play us and how many times can they get us on TV.  They can’t live without us.  In 1951/52 one of our staunchest allies with regards to the Irish flag was Rangers.  They needed the money being Celtic’s rivals generates and a team who would sell their leading scorer for under £1m at this stage of the season, a team who can’t even afford to switch on their nig screens, needs us more than ever.


People like Reid and Desmond only start fights they expect to win.  Each time the SFA try one of these little tricks Celtic will be given an excuse to offload with both barrels.  We won last time.  I don’t expect us to lose this one either.  We may fancy getting out of the petty little world of Scottish football but right now we’ve nowhere to go and they can’t risk losing us.  There will have to be a compromise because right now divorce isn’t