Foundation Sleep-outToday has been one of those days when the weather suits the times. A general feel of darkness following the horrible events of Paris last night. That so many ordinary people should be murdered, that just 8 people can create such tyranny and that those eight could carry such anger and bitterness in their hearts can easily leave you feeling a little hopeless about humanity. After the last 24 hours I needed uplifted and so tonight at 9pm I went along to Celtic Park to offer a little moral support and in the process the gloom lifted a little.


Tonight was the Celtic FC Foundation sleep out: Sixty people putting others before themselves and sleeping out to raise awareness of the problems the homeless face, especially at this time of year and in the process raising money for the Celtic FC Foundation Christmas appeal. The weather in Glasgow tonight is foul, pouring with rain, and although they will benefit from the cover of the main stand roof they will be outside. They appreciate how lucky they are, that they are sleeping out tonight, but tomorrow morning they can go home to the warmth of their family, thousands across the UK will not. Their efforts however will help greatly. The sleep-out raises awareness and being sponsored they have, to date, raised over £19,000. Moreover many (if not all) will be donating their sleeping bags from the night to homeless charity The Invisibles.


Tonight at Celtic Park I met with 60 people sleeping out in the cold and wet of a Glasgow November night to help raise awareness that homelessness is a real problem for too many. The camaraderie will no doubt help get them through the night along with the knowledge that they are doing such good.


Yesterday was one of those dark occasions when you wonder about humanity. Tonight my trip to Celtic Park reminded me that the good people of the world greatly outnumber the evil and lifted a little of that darkness.


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