Children Will Be Celtic Players

Children Will Be Celtic Players

Scott Allen – Welcome to Celtic!

Celtic have signed another Scottish talent and in the process managed to get three of their targets into one.

  • Scott started his career at Dundee Utd – Tick
  • Scott has been signed from Hibs – Tick
  • Rangers fans were singing his name as they thought THEY were signing him – Tick and Ha ha ha ha ha

With Celtic playing in Europe (West Asia Region) this past week Harry thought he should speak with some of the globe-trotting Celts to get a feel for what is what like. Paul The Tim was otherwise engaged hunting down Scott Allen for his selfie pic so that left only a handful of others and Mark Cameron (@leftybhoy) fitted the bill.  The bhoys chat about Qarabag, Killie and have a little chuckle at the expense of the fans formerly known as huns. New club, same old fannies!

Anyway – we want Celtic chat when we make a new signing so here you go…



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