It’s pretty clear from the way this has been cobbled together that all of Scottish football knows what the media are desperately trying to deny.  RFC (In administration) will go bust and be liquidated.  Despite what cheerleader for the Blue Knights Chick Young says liquidation will NOT result in HMRC getting nothing.  Indeed an asset sale of Ibrox and the brand name of RFC to NEWCo owners are likely to generate circa £20m.  Add to this Murray Park now that East Dunbartonshire is prepared to alter planning restrictions and (with other assets) £50m could possibly be raised.  This then leaves the dilemma for SPL bosses and journalists – what do we do with NEWCo RFC playing at Ibrox.


For at least 20 years, Scottish football journalists have been telling you and me that the game is gubbed, bankrupt and HAS to be reformed.  The liquidation of RFC and formation of NEWCo gives us a fantastic opportunity to start with that blank piece of paper.  Incredibly they now all want retention of the status quo!


The last thing Celtic want is a new Rangers playing in the SPL debt free.  Celtic’s starting position is to see RFC stripped of all titles and playing down in division three.  It’s a starting position because they accept that whilst this is a once in a generation opportunity to have money distributed through the lower tiers, the SPL will not accept the Rangers cash cow leaving their set up.  Their next option is for a revamp on the SPL (we saw the first part of this in Lawwells offer of a 14 team league).  A revamped SPL with leagues 1 & 2 would allow for RFC to generate money for SPL clubs whilst being punished.  Again the club see this as unlikely due to the fears of the failed businessmen who run Scottish football that this would see a dilution of revenues.  This then leaves us with the worst case scenario.  RFC Newco competing DEBT FREE in the SPL.  Whilst the legacy of Newco creation would impede them, Celtic do not see this as a sufficient penalty.


Although going for the ultimate sanction, Celtic have prepared for worst case scenarios.  They realise that they are unlikely to get their desired stripping of titles with relegation to the bottom tier of Scottish football.  From this point on it is about Celtic attaining the best worst case scenario from the Phoenix Club across the city and I suspect eventually the cheats charter may end up being our best bet.