For those who missed here is a link to Clyde last night with Thomson, & MSM Bampots Hannah and Keevins    The excuses from MSM about how Whyte and Murray have got away with cheating Scottish football and the public purse are quite astonishing.  The only place where these idiots are held to account is on phone-ins and this is where these MSM Bampots give the most nonsensical statements.

  1. You called Whyte a Billionaire – His people told us!
  2. Why didn’t you look into his background – We have deadlines and don’t have the time
  3. You don’t have the time?  That’s your job!!! – Go to adverts or hang up and move on
  4. A 5 minute Google search would have uncovered matters – He paid to wipe google!

(Neil McCallum must have used Yahoo(!) )

  1. 12 months ago “RFC are going into administration” – Nonsense, you’re a bampot
  2. 9 months ago “RFC will go bust” – Nonsense you’re a bampot
  3. “RFC don’t pay taxes” – Nonsense you’re a bampot
  4. Why didn’t you report RFC issues re: admin/liquidation/taxes – We did ages ago
  5. Why aren’t you reporting all the stuff on the web – We’re covered by the law unlike you bampots

There are no doubt numbers 10, 11, 12 etc on this list but frankly Alex Thomson covered it off last night when slated the succulent lamb culture of our media, no doubt he sees this as an embarrassment to his trade.  He also states that the real story here is NOT RFC* and he’s right.  It is not just that RFC* have stolen and cheated the tax payer.  It is not just that RFC* have cheated Scottish football and every season book holder of every club by having us pay for an unfair competition.  It is not just about the football authorities failing to scrutinise and govern.

The story is about the culture that allowed a complete failure of corporate governance that allowed MIH to collate £1.1bn of debt (see  A failure of corporate governance which will result in the liquidation of RFC* in May and a failure of corporate governance in football to allow one team to spend up to £200m of tax payers’ money to outperform the rest.

It is also a story about how the Scottish Mainstream media allowed ALL of this to occur on their watch for 20 years without reporting.

These are the real BAMPOTS.