THE Celtic Podcast

THE Celtic Podcast

There are fewer games bigger in football than Champions League matches and in Glasgow these don’t come much bigger than Celtic v Barca. We are only in the embryonic stages of the Rodgers revolution but already we can all see that the club is taking its first steps on what looks like it will be a wonderful journey and the podcast starts off with chat from Brendan giving an insight into his vision for this club. He does this whilst interweaving chat about Barca and the forthcoming Cup Final.

After the Brendan chat Jack Lyons and I have a brief conversation about how the two teams may set up before the podcast returns to the main pre-Barca press conference with chat from Broony and more from the manager. If you wonder why the main conference occasionally jumps from one topic to the next it’s where I’ve chopped out the Spanish translation and just missed the start of the next question.



Pick up from all the usual places;